Jewelry and gifts made from upcycled musical instrument strings and pieces.

Do you have a deep and special connection to music either through the instrument that you play or because of the memories that you created with loved ones around music? Get the perfect creation regardless of the instrument (violin, cello, guitar, piano, drum, etc.).


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    My name is ANIK and I am the artist and owner behind Do Re Mi Bracelets etc.

    I simply LOVE discussing possible creations with my customers and offering helpful advice so that you find the perfect item for yourself or for a loved one!

    I am confident that together we can find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

  • Lost But Not Forgotten

    My friends, family & I lost a very close friend in December of 2013. After the loss, I received his guitar amplifier. In the back storage of the amp, were some guitar pics, patch cords and some old strings. I could never and will never have the heart to throw any of it out.At the same time, they are collecting dust, corroding and, eventually, would be of no use. Anik not only took extra care and showed so much compassion with something so important to me. I will be forever grateful for this process & this keepsake (Thank-you, Anik. Thank you). 

  • The Phoenix

    Thank you, Anik, for sharing your love for your craft into creating Ria’s beautiful bracelet. For me, it isn’t just a piece of jewelry. It is her music and her story eternally captured in gold, copper, and wood. My Phoenix has risen and she flies high!

    Anik has helped me find that one work of art that only Ria could wear knowing it speaks of her!

  • The Colours of the Rainbow

    I purchased 3 of these for me and 2 of my children, who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. They are beautifully made, and very comfortable to wear.

    It was actually a very touching moment between the 3 of us, and that’s worth all the money in the world to me! I was expecting my kiddos to be happy, but it ended up being so much more than that! Thank you for helping to create that moment for us. 

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