Five images - rings, a bracelet, earrings a keychain and a necklace laying on the instrument from which they were made -guitar, snare drum, violin, guitar and piano

Your musical instrument strings and/or pieces upcycled into beautiful jewelry and gifts.

Get a custom keepsake or memorial creation made from the strings (or musical instrument pieces) which were previously touched, held and played by your favourite musician (your father, your daughter, your partner, yourself, etc.).

hand - on the wrist is a upcycled guitar strings bracelet with silver coloured beads with a guitar in the background


Get your hands (or wrist) on this newest upcycled guitar string bracelet from Do Re Mi Bracelets etc.!

So versatile, it will be the perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe!

I want it now!!

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    Do Re Mi Bracelets etc. is proud to partner with Total Piano Care where they not only expertly repair your piano but breathe new life in the ones that can't be repaired by upcycling them into beautiful furniture pieces.

    Do Re Mi Bracelets etc. is proud to partner with the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra to save musical instrument strings and pieces through the art of upcycling.