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Picture of a woman wearing a guitar string and guitar pick necklace. Three other pictures show a guitar, guitar strings and a guitar string bracelet. 

Hi! I'm Anik, the artist and owner behind Do Re Mi Bracelets etc. located in Gatineau QC, Canada

As a musician (violin and guitar), I understand the deep connection that we have with our instruments. It therefore breaks my heart when I hear that instrument strings, pieces and sometimes the whole instruments themselves are thrown away.

My passion is reclaiming discarded instrument strings and pieces (guitar, piano, violin, drum, etc.) and upcycling them into beautiful jewelry and gifts. My mission is to save musical memories ONE STRING AT A TIME.

  • Do you have strings from your son, mother, partner, or husband's musical instrument?
  • Have you recently fixed or replaced a piece of your own instrument?
  • Do you have a special musician who passed away?
I can create a keepsake item that is truly personal by using these used or broken instrument strings or parts. I will treat all the materials received, with extreme respect in the creation of this special item.


Having the opportunity to hear the stories from my customers, hearing about the music and the musicians who touched their lives is a true pleasure. Being able to honour those memories is a privilege.

I don't know if you're a musician like me, but one thing I know for sure is that you know a musician or two.

Everyone knows a musician!!

When you start to think about how many varieties of stringed instruments that exist in the world, you can only imagine the TONS of waste created in landfills when the used and broken strings are thrown away. That's where I saw an opportunity to do my part in helping Mother Nature, one string at a time.

But as someone who likes to think outside the box, making the same boring thing, is not my style. I love making unique and creative designs. But if, like me, attention to detail is important to you, in my shop you will find a REFINED TAKE ON RECLAIMED.

I would love to have the opportunity to work with you and to create something that helps connect you to the music and the memories that you cherish.



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