Meet the Maker

Picture of a woman wearing a guitar string and guitar pick necklace. Three other pictures show a guitar, guitar strings and a guitar string bracelet. 

Hi! I'm Anik, the artist and owner behind Do Re Mi Bracelets etc.

Everyone knows a musician. When you consider all the instruments in the world and the tons of waste that is created by discarded strings, I saw an opportunity to do my part in helping Mother Nature, one string at a time.

But as someone who likes to think outside the box, making the same boring thing, is not my style. I love making unique and creative designs. But if, like me, attention to detail is important to you, in my shop you will find  REFINED TAKE ON RECLAIMED.

Core values in my personal and business life are authenticity, respect, and inclusivity. What you see is what you get. I am a straight talker but always strive to consider the other person I am interacting with (their needs, their feelings and the impact of my words and actions). I am a woman, an LGBTQ ally, the wife of a Metis man, a French Canadian and more. Regardless of the similarities or differences, I want everyone to feel welcome and respected in my interactions with them.

Do you have a guitar pick from your favourite musician? Do you have strings from your son, mother, partner, or husband's musical instrument? Do you have a special musician who passed away? I can create a keepsake item that is truly personal by using their strings or parts of their instrument. I will treat all the materials received, with extreme respect in the creation of this special item.

Having the opportunity to hear the stories from my customers. Hearing about the music and the musicians who touched their lives is a true pleasure. Being able to honour those memories is a privilege.

I would love to have the opportunity to work with you and to create something that helps connect you to the music and the memories that you cherish and that will help to make your life more beautiful, ONE STRING AT A TIME.

Feel free to reach out via using the CHAT WITH US button on the bottom right of your screen or by completing the form below.