How to put on your bracelet alone.

Are you tired of always having to ask someone for help to tie your bracelet?

Here are 3 simple steps to finally being able to put on your bracelet by yourself:

A simple paperclip (or piece of strings) can be used to help you put on your bracelet if you are alone. I personally like using the longer paperclips for this task.

1.  Simply slip the paperclip into the last loop on your bracelet.

2. Place the bracelet around your wrist and hold the paperclip with the fingers from the same wrist/hand.

3. Now use your other hand (the one not holding the paper clip) to bring over the clasp towards the loop to tie your bracelet.
3 images of a hand, bracelet and paperclip showing how to tie a bracelet by yourself

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If there written instructions are not clear enough, I have created a video of these 3 steps. Use this link to access the video on my YouTube channel: VIDEO - How to tie your bracelet by yourself