Stories of the Strings - Lost But Not Forgotten

I want to express my most sincere gratitude to Chris for sharing this amazing Story of the Strings attached to custom bracelets pictured below.

This beautiful and heartfelt story reminds us of the bond of friendship and how music brings us together. It also reminds us of how even when our loved ones are gone, there are ways to honour their memory.Custom Guitar String Bracelet Stories of the Strings, Lost But Not Forgotten

My friends, family & I lost a very close friend in December of 2013. Yes, it was a while ago, but with anyone who has ever lost anyone close to them, even over time, there is always pain. Some days, it’s little. Some days, it’s very present.

It is much tougher when there is social, special “bond”. For some, it’s a co-worker that they are close to. Other could be close friends on a sports team together. My bond with him was music. I played music with my friend in many different formations, over many years. When we lost him, every song that I heard on my playlists reminded me of him (some songs still do). Anyone who has played music with friends, I’m sure can relate.

After the loss, his material items were willed or given to the one closest to him. With this, I received his guitar amplifier. Although a wonderful gift, also a painful reminder that I would no longer hear his music coming out of the speaker. It would never sound the same (or a good to my ears). It was a very bittersweet acceptance.

In the back storage of the amp, were a few of his possessions. Nothing major. Some guitar pics, patch cords and some old strings; the usual guitar accessories. Over time, they sat in the back of the amp, or in my closet, or in a box. 3 months ago, my friend’s brother contacted me as he had received a bag of my friend’s extra music accessories from our old drummer’s house (stuff that had been kept there since his passing). The bag contained more of the same (pic, pedals, patch cords & strings). I could never and will never have the heart to throw any of it out as it was & is so special to me. At the same time, they are collecting dust, corroding and, eventually, would be of no use. Even though they are just “items”, they still held a special place in my heart. I could not figure out what to do with them to bring some life back.

During a random, unrelated search, I came across “Do Re Mi Bracelets etc.”. After viewing the web page and some of the product, it became very clear to me that this what I wanted to do with his strings in order to make these plain guitar strings into something beautiful & keep his “Light” shining. 

I contacted Anik and she could not have been more helpful & respectful (even asking if it was ok for her to clean/disinfect the strings before proceeding and being accepting if the answer was “no”. I was fine with them being cleaned). I mailed the strings (with a tracking number) and I was notified when the strings arrived to her, was able to choose which style of bracelet I would like, and offered more options because there was extra strings.

Within a week, my (3) bracelets had arrived back, and the final product exceeded all of my expectation! They were subtle (as requested) and absolutely beautiful! 

Anik not only took extra care and showed so much compassion with something so important to me, but even created some beautiful extra pendants at no extra cost. 

If you are looking for something similar, I would highly recommend & trust Anik to create something so special & meaningful. I will be forever grateful for this process & this keepsake (Thank-you, Anik. Thank you).