Stories of the Strings - T's Tree

I want to express my most sincere gratitude to Loretta and Mike for sharing this amazing Story of the Strings attached to custom decoration in the picture below.

This beautiful and heartfelt story reminds us of the importance of special moments with family and friends and how sometimes it's the little things that can bring us so much joy. It also reminds us of how even when our loved ones are gone, there are ways to honour their memory and celebrate with the living. 

Over a year ago, our family lost an incredible man. He was a loving husband, an amazing father, and a friend to the community. He was the kind of man that “everyone” had a strong bond with, truly “one of a kind”.

His wife asked family and friends to commemorate Joe with a Christmas Ornament that we can hand on T's tree every year in his honor! Anik was touched to take on this challenge and created a beautiful multi-dimensional keepsake made from his cello strings and a cello tuning peg.

We are forever grateful for this very special “ornament” and are looking forward to presenting it to T this Christmas and hanging it on her tree in Joe’s honor for years to come!

We love and miss you, Joseph!

Thank-you Anik for the amazing creativity, thoughtful friendship, and this wonderful gift!

We love it!!


Loretta and Mike