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  • picture of a woman's neck wearing a silver coloured bass guitar string necklace (two string twisted).
  • silver coloured bass guitar string necklace lying on a red bass guitar which does not have any strings
  • a silver coloured bass guitar string necklace (two string twisted) lying on top of a red bass guitar that has the strings removed with a wood background
  • electric bass guitar string chain lying on a red bass
  • man's profile, wearing silver coloured electric bass guitar string necklace
  • Closeup of silver coloured bass guitar string necklace- black background
  • man wearing a chain made from bass guitar strings, holding a red electric bass
  • chain made from an upcycled electric bass guitar strings, wood background
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Bass Guitar String Unisex Chain Necklace

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This beautiful but simple chain is handmade using two bass guitar strings which were twisted together. 

Study and stylish this unisex necklace makes a great gift for that hard to buy for, down to earth person who likes to keep it real.

When the music stops, an instrument's strings should not be thrown away. The music and the memories should be honoured. By purchasing this wearable piece of art you are contributing to keeping these memories alive.

Together, we are also doing our part to help Mother Nature, one string at a time!

This chain is 18 inches in total length.

This type of necklace is stiffer than a typical "chain link" type necklace. This means that there is a "right" and a "wrong" side when putting it on. To ensure that the necklace falls properly onto your chest, hold the clasp in your right hand when tying it on behind your neck. If the chain does not appear to fall properly (i.e., if it does not lay flat), try simply turning it around.

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